Excellence in Community Service Award Scholarship

Send your supporting documents to scholarships@stoneridgeoralsurgery.com

We are so excited to announce our first ever Excellence in Community Service Award Scholarship worth up to $10,000!

We’re looking for a student whose hard work, dedication and compassion for others has created a significant and meaningful impact in the community they live!

Purpose of Program– To enhance the quality of the applicant’s local community by developing and implementing a sustainable social program or initiative that contributes towards the advancement and improvement of the lives of others in need.

While all high school students are encouraged to participate, applicant must be at least 17 years old at time of award selection.

Award (s) will be announced on a rolling basis and program completion may be determined by Stone Ridge Oral Surgery, PLLC at any time.

Award amounts will be at the sole discretion of Stone Ridge Oral Surgery, PLLC.

Acceptance to and confirmation of enrollment to an accredited two or four-year college within the US at time of award selection is required.

Applicant must submit a minimum 5 page report detailing their program/project with verifiable statistical information detailing outcomes of their initiative

Supporting documents

Statements from at least three (3) individuals benefiting from applicant’s initiative and the impact it has made on their lives.

Recommendation from school guidance counselor or academic mentor.

Recommendation from a mentor, community leader or individual actively involved in assisting applicant with program, detailing their experience working with applicant throughout the process.

Successful completion of interview, if invited, with selection committee.

***Program rules and eligibility criteria are subject to change without notice.***

***Award selection is at the sole discretion of Stone Ridge Oral Surgery, PLLC***

Get out there, make a difference and change lives today!